Are stocks so manipulated now that the market will never crash?
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2017-10-25 01:20:56 UTC
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The Federal Reserve keeps on buying up assets in spite of claims they are tightening.

Pension funds buy on every dip.

Algorithms are programmed just to buy, not sell.

Elites own so much of the stock market that any sell-off will impact their own wealth much more than the average person.

The technique was perfected first in Japan, the origins of zero or near zero interest rates.

When one central bank makes a pretense of tightening, another loosens the taps, between the Fed, the ECB, the PBOC and Bank of Japan.

Now they know that most crashes happen in October, or sink somewhat in November. Crashes never happen in December or January. So all they have to do is keep markets inflated during vulnerable times, and then let nature take its course during the safe periods of the year. They can always claim a bunch of consumer sentiment nonsense through the Christmas season, the get through the winter with hopes for the spring....

I don't think we'll see a crash again in my life time. Each person in authority has one goal: make sure nothing falls apart under him, make it the next guy's problem. That can go on an awful long time...

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What can change this equilibrium is an unexpected natural disaster like 311 or asteroid hitting the Earth, Yellowstone blowing etc.
John Bull
2017-11-04 18:29:22 UTC
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So a long slow decline? Instead of a crash? Maybe society will crash before the market? Let's bomb shelter the trading computers so the game can continue into the Fall and Winter of civilization. That said, the unexpected is expected and perhaps planned for by the powers that shouldn't be. It is about the long game. And then there is the truly unexpected ....the death of Jaime Diamond or G. Soros? Oh wait, I see their replacements coming online.